An “introvert” building in public

An “introvert” building in public

Mar 5, 2022 03:51 PM
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My build-in-public adventure first started with, and it was my brother (@chddaniel) who proposed building this app in public.
The good: you join a loving community that’s always there for you to help.
The bad: almost nothing. It’s only weird sharing your income at first, but then you get used to it and you figure out how it’s not a big deal.

🤔 The first question that comes in mind

When you first think of building in public, you’re like “What, how could you share your income?” and you may think that it is dangerous. Well, it might sound a bit dangerous, I’ll give you that.
Though, once you actually start sharing your first “Today’s income” screenshot and when you tell people what did you do for that cash, you’ll see how it only gets better.
As said before, you get the join a great community of bright minds that share everything about what they do. People love to see that!
Sharing the fact that you’ve made $1M or $50k the past year isn’t going to bring you any hate, nor any envy.

👨 Keeping milestones for myself

I’m an introvert when I have to talk about my work.
If you’re like me, then you most likely don’t open up about your work and about stuff like how much you make and what’s on your plate.
This happens to me because I currently live in a high-school environment where I don’t want to go and “flex” with how much I make, and how I make my money → my introvert side.
Being an introvert may be too much so to speak, but that’s quite true... Whenever I’m asked “How much you make?” by my classmates, I try to avoid that question or I just simply reply with “Sorry, can’t say”.

What do you do? How much do you get paid?

The reality: I work for myself, and I get paid by how much work I feel like putting in.
When strangers or not 100% lose friends ask me what do I want to do with my life after finishing school, I feel like my brain’s paused for a few seconds: “Should I tell them?”, “Is it worth explaining what I do?” - these are questions that come up in my mind.
And then, the answer is simple - “I work in IT”, or it’s something like “I’d like to study business management and then continue working”. It’s intentional that I sound a bit (or more) vague.
Honestly, I don’t open up much about my work and about my salary. The only people I inform about my work and salary are my brothers and parents and the Twitter community.

Talking to my friends about money and work

I think I’m at the age where it’s not 100% appropriate to talk about money and the fact that I’ve managed to build a few apps that I can make a living out of.
Recently, I’ve noticed myself starting to open up more about my work to my closest and most mature friends. It starts getting fun, tho!

💸 Building in public is PERFECT for introverts

People in all sorts of environments, especially start-up founders, tend to be more introverted sometimes... And that’s all okay!
Online, you can open up to anybody without having to face weird questions. Moreover, there’s a huge community of BIP (build in public) people. Look at all of the people building in public on Twitter!
I’m talking about Twitter because it is the best example when it comes to BIP. People also build in public on Reddit and other platforms like Medium, but Twitter is the main hub.

🤔 In the end...

I hope that this post gave you an idea of who I am and of what I think about building in public on the internet, and about opening up to my friends about work and cash.
If you’re looking to start building in public, simply go for it. You won’t regret joining such an awesome community. Have a good one! 🤍

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