First interview, at 15: “You’re too young”

First interview, at 15: “You’re too young”

Mar 10, 2022 03:41 PM
So far, I’ve had only one interview, and this happened when I was 15. Back then, I was a freshman in high school that had only started posting his designs on Dribbble.
I was found on Dribbble by some team developing a nutrition app that needed somebody to make their UI/UX and to be there for them. I was 100% ready for that.
Though, let’s give some context first...

Designing on Dribbble

My journey as a designer started with sharing some of my designs on Dribbble. Good or bad, I used to spend 1 to 2 hours a day making a new piece of design and posting it there.
My first Dribbble shot was in the summer of 2018, and it wasn’t the most terrible work ever, but it was also really far away from good.
notion image
This is what My Dribbble looks like, at the bottom - where my first posts are.
It was 2019 at the moment of the interview, and I’ve already had around 50 shots on my Dribbble page. They were all mediocre, but hey, I was doing my best as a kid trying to make it into this world of selling art online.

I was working back then

If you know something about me, it’s most likely the fact that I’m one of the founders of Legit Check By Ch.
When I was contacted for this interview, I was already working on Legit Check for a few months, and I started to worry whether it would be okay joining this guy and his team, and if I’d have enough time to work on two projects.
The worse part of this was the fact that guy’s team was working on the other side of the Earth, and I’d basically have even less time to work on Legit Check and on the nutrition app.

Ready to join them though

With all of this being said, I was still ready to join them. Regardless of working on Legit Check, we have to keep in mind that I was a teenager in the middle of the summer that had the whole day free.
Why not take this opportunity, right?

👔 The interview: how it went

Now’s the fun part. The pre-interview experience was as chill as you may expect it because we’ve just casually been talking about the call and when to schedule it.
I was really looking forward to this, so I didn’t care on which day and what time would this online meeting be - I just wanted to see what this is all about.
So, when we finally met up on Google Meet, there was me and one of the chiefs of this project started having a casual conversation.
I was telling him that designing is what I like to do and that I’m down to join the team and help this project grow into a successful nutrition app.

So, how old are you?

“I’m currently 15”, I said. That’s where it kinda went downhill, but I really liked this man’s attitude, because he didn’t hang up or anything like that.
Instead, he said that I was too young and that I had to gain more experience before joining their team. Well, I totally get him.
Moreover, he said that I'll have to train some more and that he would send me some files for me to train my designing skills the next day. Didn’t receive them up to this date, but I guess that wouldn’t matter anymore.

👋 My take on the interview

I wasn’t mad. After the interview, I actually felt like I was the man: some guy on the internet just hopped on a call with me because he wanted me to help design their app.
While that would’ve been huge, even the interview felt like a big deal, and I was happy to gain this little experience.
Being too young made me realise the fact that I’d have the potential of a designer for later on. I didn’t spend time developing my designing skills after that, as Legit Check really started to bring lots of work at the moment, and that was just perfect.

🤔 In the end...

I really liked this experience with the interview, and my family was also proud of me for actually being contacted for that job.
While it wasn’t a long call or anything like that, I’m glad I could start with a job interview at such a young age so I could see what this is all about.

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