This is Ch David. Nice to meet you!

This is Ch David. Nice to meet you!

Hey! I’m Ch David and I am a founder, writer, designer and SaaS enthusiast. I’m always down to chat with you, so feel free to contact me via email:

If you want to connect with me, feel free to send me a message via Instagram or Twitter, as I’m the most active on these apps.

🤔 Who’s Ch David?

I’m an 18-year-old entrepreneur that’s passionate about business and about writing. My journey with businesses first started when I was 15, with Legit Check By Ch - a company that works with authenticating luxury goods for people.

✍️ Check out my blog!

If you want to read more about myself and see what I write, make sure to browse the blog on this website.

⚙️ Projects that I’m working on

Aside from Legit Check, I’m currently working on, which is a platform that builds your websites out of your Notion page.
As a matter of fact, this very website that you’re browsing was made with!
Another project that I’m working on is called Emojics. With Emojics, you can collect feedback easier than before: either with help of an emoji, or with a phrase.

🛠️ Moderating the r/SaaS community

I’m one of the moderators of the Reddit SaaS community, and I’m more than happy to help the people of Reddit as best as I can.
The SaaS subreddit is the biggest SaaS-related community on Reddit, and with each new day, my aim is to keep it on-topic and as friendly as possible.

🤍 Activism in Ukraine

With each new day, we are trying to help Ukraine and its people. To do so, we’ve made the Help Ukraine website where everyone can mention ways in which we can help Ukrainians live a better life.
Help Ukraine is a website that I built with my brother (@chdddaniel) in and it’s all about extending the list of ways that people can do activism in Ukraine. Join us!

🎮 Providing tutorials for gamers

Another website that I built is Gaming Help, and its purpose is to provide tutorials for gamers. Just like Help Ukraine, this website is actually a Notion-made interactive list.
What I like the most about websites like Help Ukraine and Gaming Help is that other people can help improve the list of resources. You can help too!

Thanks a lot for visiting my website! Hope to see you back soon! 👋